La Vía Verde de la Sierra goes on 36km between the villages of Cádiz, Puerto Serrano and Olvera. It´s an old train wway that never was used. The rout go se colse to a lot of rivers, and amazing places like Peñon de Zaframagón, a great vultures reserve.

We manage the bikes transport and people that have not car or something similir to arrive there. The route will be divided in two levels. The highest level made all the route from Olvera until Puerto Serrano, and the round in Coripe Train Station. 50 km total. Organizaremos transporte tanto para las bicicletas como para las personas que no dispongan de medios o que quieran compartir transporte.

In Coripe Train Station we take a lunch with the medium level group who make Olvera-Coripe section. This second route is perfect to families with clindren with medium difficult and 21 km.

We have some bikes, ebikes to rent previosly. You can see that in this link.

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