Fried Fish

If there are something traditional and popular in Malaga cuisine, that is fried fish. Fresh products from our Mediterranean Sea are seasoned and cooked by unique way. We have a selection of places to enjoy yourself with the Malaga taste in each bite. 1º RASTAURANTE MERCHÁN  Are you looking the best fried fish around Sun Coast? Without a […]


This is our best choice of Italian restaurants that you can find in Marbella and San Pedro Alcántara. Even though there are a lot of options, we have chosen three restaurants. 1st PASTA DABRUNO Da Bruno Ristorante is more than a good Italian restaurant in Marbella. If you visit one of the six restaurant of Da […]


 Welcome to Sun Coast! One of the most international destination around the world. Are yo ready to enjoy a place with an unique weather, where beach and mountain create an ecosystem without comparison. Let you feel the happiness and spontaneity of spaniards. Share and taste the gastronomy. Get on our bike, we give you a […]